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Discount Tickets to Wet n' Wild in Orlando Disney California Adventure is the second Disney park to be built in Anaheim California. It is built using California as theme with eight distinct districts making up the park. The Districts are Buena Vista Street, Paradise Pier, Grizzly Peak, Condor Flats, Pacific Wharf, Hollywood Land, "A Bug's land", and the newly opened Cars Land. California Adventure is the newest of Disney's park opening in 2001, since its opening the park has gone through many renovations to make the park move enjoyable for the whole family. The most recent renovation was an expansion project with a budget of $1.1 billion, and Cars Land and Beuna Vista Street were the outcome of the project.

Orlando Water Parks - Wet n' Wild Tickets Cars Land has been one of the most successful expansion projects in recent years for Disneyland. The land is based on the pre Cars 2 Radiator Springs layout, and its even to scale. The main drag in Cars Land is Route 66 which runs straight down the middle. Cars Land is a new and always crowded it is home to 3 attractions, 3 restaurants, and 3 places to shop. The rides are all brand new and unique to California Adventure, the main ride is Radiator Springs Racers. Radiator Springs Racers came in for a budget breaking the $200 million mark, that was 18% of the expansion budget on a single ride. Radiator Springs Racers is a lot like Test Track from Epcot at Disney World. It uses the Slot car principle to take along a track at high speeds. Each Car holds 6 people and once you get out of the loading area you find the car racing against another set of guests. The ride is 4 minutes and 22 seconds long and a computer randomly selects the winner for each race creating a new and exciting race each and every time.

Wet n' Wild Ticket Specials The other two rides in Cars Land are more family friendly and are better for the little ones in the family. Luigi's Flying Tires is a cross between bumper cars and a hover craft. Luigi's lets guest hop onto a giant tire that moves in any direction using your body and weight as the controller. The ride is great for kids of all ages and is filled with giant beach balloons that cane be pushed with the cars around the track or picked up and thrown at the other guest. The ride uses some 6 million cubic feet of air a minute to make the tires hover. The last ride at the new Cars Land is Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. Mater is everyone's favorite backwoods tow truck and here he has created his own jukebox. To finish the ride Mater went out to the field and brought back 22 tractors that love to dance. Mater's Junkyard Jamboree is a big tractor dance party. Hop onto a one of a kind tractor and listen to the sweet sounds of Mater singing away his classic hits. The Jamboree is perfect for young kids and families.


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