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LEGOLAND Elementary Students K-6 Youth Group Tickets When it is time to start planning for your elementary class trip or if you are looking to take you elementary class on a school trip, LEGOLAND® near Orlando, Florida is where you want to go. Just check out some of the fun, exciting and educational programs that LEGOLAND® has to offer. They have programs like Amazing Machines (Grades 3-6), where your students can participate in an interactive program and they will learn all about levers, gears and pulley. They will also see how all of those mechanical devices work first hand because they will build them out of LEGO® materials. Let's take a look at the Tall Towers program (Grades K-3). Here, students will be able to construct their very own big buildings and tall towers. After all the construction is complete, students will be able to test the strength of yheir LEGO® buildings on the eartquake table. There are so many more programs to participate, you will not have any problems finding one that fits what you want for your students. Not only will you be able to experience these great educational programs, but you will also be able to check out all of the fun rides at the park, as well.

With LEGOLAND® Elementary Students Ticket Program, you can book your trip from September 2012 through May 2013 (Monday - Friday only).

- Under LEGOLAND® Elementary Students group tickets, you can choose the educational program based your class grade or you can take your class around the park on your own.

- To be eligible for the LEGOLAND® Elementary Students K-6 youth group ticket special, you must have at least 15 students.

- For every 5 paid students, you are allowed 1 complentary chaperone.

- A deposit is due when you purchse your class tickets.

- With you ticket purchase, not only will you have full access to LEGOLAND®, but you will also have access to the LEGOLAND® Water Park.


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