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Disneyland Discount Group Tickets Created in 1955 Disneyland is the most visited theme park in the world, in 2011 there has been an estimated 600 million guests to enter the park. There is just something special that brings guests to Disneyland time and time again, some call it great rides and other call it magic. Disneyland is built around 8 distinct lands, each land has its very own theme such as fantasy, frontier, adventure, Toontown, and even tomorrowland. Disneyland is built in a circle so guests can walk from one land to the next without the need to backtrack. The entrance to the park puts guest right in the middle of Main Street, U.S.A.

Disneyland Discount Group Tickets Main Street U.S.A. takes guests back in time to the years of their grandfather's youth. The street is themed after a typically Midwest town in the early 20th century. Main Street is no the attraction center for Disneyland but instead the center for shops. On Main Street you can find a candy shop, jewelry, watch shop, and even a collectable Disney shop. Main Street does house one attraction that you will sure remember and that is named Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. This short show is in the Opera House and after entering you will find yourself in front of a robotic Abraham Lincoln. He then precedes to stand up speak to you reciting some of his most famous speeches. This is called Audio-Animatronics and is one of the great strides in technology Disneyland made. Once walking through Main Street you will find yourself standing at the foot of a giant castle. Cinderella's Castle is the center of the park and the end of Main Street U.S.A.

Disneyland Discount Group Tickets Taking a right at the castle will lead you into Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland is retro feature based area with all the rides based on technical marvels. In Tomorrowland you will encounter your first big attractions with rides like Space Mountain, Lightyear Astro Blasters, and Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Space Mountain is one of the few rollercoaster in Disneyland and its even indoors. Experience a bitch black coaster where all you can see is stars flashing by. Astro Blasters is another really popular rides and its lots of fun. Here you hop on a cart equipped with laser guns and you get to help Buzz Lightyear to save the day blasting away everything in sight. If you are looking for something a little slower paced then be sure to get in line for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. The voyage takes you through the water where guests look out the port wholes to see the audio-animatronic wildlife. The ride is a long 14 minutes and the rides river has 6.3 million gallons of water.

Disneyland Discount Group Tickets Continuing on from Tomorrowland guests will end up in Fantasyland. Fantasyland is built around the idea of childhood dreams such as taking a flight with Peter Pan. Well in fantasyland its possible step in line then hop onto a miniature galleon or ship. In groups of 3 you will be swept away and follow Peter Pan. It starts in the nursery that soon takes an exciting twist and you end up flying high over London. Other attractions in tomorrowland consists of King Arthur's Carrousel and It's a Small World. It's a Small World is fun for every kids and a nightmare for parents. In this ride guests get into a small boat and take a peaceful ride as 300 audio-animatronic elf's bring the words of its s small world to life. Kids will be talking and singing about it for hours to come.

Disneyland Discount Group Tickets Behind Fantasyland kids will continue to love Disneyland with Mickey's Toontown. Toontown is another kid based land and one of the newest opening in 1993. There are two main rides in this area the first of which is a fun and silly taxi ride with Lenny. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin here guests hop into a taxi named Lenny as the drive away the car runs into a oil spill and begins to spin, after this riders have control of the ride via a steering wheel to spin the car around in circles. The second attraction is a small coaster that is great for kids over 35 inches tall. Gadget's Go Coaster is a quick and fun zip along the track. The ride is only 51 seconds and gets up to a speed of 21 MPH. Kids will love this caster and want to ride it over and over again. Toontown is also filled with several play areas where kids can run, climb, and jump.

Continuing in a circle will next land you in Frontierland. This area is based on the idea of recreating the pioneer days when America was being discovered and railways were being laid. Immediately upon entering Frontierland guests will be able to see Big Thunder Mountain and it is the centerpiece and most popular ride in the area. Big Thunder Mountain is a large scale roller coaster built around the artificial mountain. It weaves in and out of canes and around the outside. It is fast and has tight turns so it might be a little bit too aggressive for the little ones in the family. Another great attraction that guests should ride is the Mark Twain Riverboat. The boat runs every 25 minutes and it is a massive riverboat. It weighs 150 tons is 28 feet tall and 105 feet long. Once passengers are on board they are free to roam at will and explore the 3 decks the boat has to offer.

Not far from the line for Mark Twains Riverboat is New Orleans Square this land was built in 1966 and still a largely popular site in the park. It is home to 3 attractions all of which very popular. The Haunted mansion is one of the most notable rides the house is modeled after a large southern plantation home and yes it is haunted. The other two rides are also great Fantasmic is offered at night, it is Disneylands nighttime firework show. The last ride is Pirates of the Caribbean this ride is undoubtly themed after the extremely popular movie series. Guests get to hope on a pirate boat and sale through the caves into the depths in search of a treasure.

The last land of the park that puts guest right back by Main Street U.S.A. is Adventureland. Adventureland is created to make guests feel as if they are deep in an exotic tropical island. Adventureland has two main attractions one is a robotic track car ride which is themed "Temple of the Forbidden Eye" In Indiana Jones Adventure. In this ride guests get the chance to follow indie in a treasure hunt after the Forbidden Eye. Its an exciting ride that will entertain the whole family. The second ride is also very family friends and it is the Jungle Cruise. On this ride guests get to enter a boat and meet their captain who will guide them through he jungle, keep them protected from the dangerous tribes and animals.

Disneyland is a wonderful place to bring the family; it is filled with joy and fun for everyone. These rides were just a few of the many open to guests at Disneyland. Besides rides Disneyland has a lot to offer like shows and the chance to meet your favorite Disney character.


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